The Wheel publishes updates every Saturday about coronavirus spread within the Emory community, the University’s COVID-19 testing strategy and other related information. The Wheel also tracks on campus cases daily, which can be viewed on our homepage.

The latest cases

There were 11 new cases recorded since last week, down slightly from 14 cases the previous week. Of the five student cases, two were off campus and three were in Clairmont Tower, Longstreet-Means Hall and Hamilton Holmes Hall. One faculty and three staff members off campus tested positive, and two staff at Woodruff Memorial Research Building and Facilities Management tested positive.

Sharon Rabinovitz, executive director of Emory Student Health Services, said that the volume of student cases this week is consistent with the “baseline” that Emory has seen over the course of the semester.

“We had a little bit of an uptick last week, but we’re … back at our baseline of one or two cases a day, including off-campus students,” she said.

WoodPEC Reopens With Limited Capacity

On Monday, the Woodruff Physical Education Center will reopen in a limited capacity to on-campus residents. The pilot program will run until Nov. 20. The Student Activity and Academic Center on the Clairmont campus will remain closed.

Students must register for 60-minute time slots, separated by 30 minutes for cleaning. Those using the facilities must wear face coverings at all times, even while exercising and maintain physical distancing. Visitors must bring their own water bottles.

The areas to open include the cardio room, selectorized weights, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, some basketball courts and the outdoor track.

Flu cases update

Neither Emory Student Health Services nor Emory Hospital have reported any flu cases so far.

“We don’t think that flu is on the rise at this time, so that is very good news,” Rabinovitz said.

Students can still receive flu vaccines when they receive a COVID test at the Emory Conference Center Hotel and can make appointments to receive a vaccine at Student Health Services on Monday.

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