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It is common for fans to call a performer back to the stage for an encore after the unofficial end of the concert. However, IVE’s fans took it to another level. The audience was not only chanting “IVE,” but also “One more time.” One fan even walked through the aisles, dancing with an usher to lead the chanting. This moment showcased the crowd’s energy at the 2-year-old K-pop girl group’s debut world tour, “Show What I Have,” at the State Farm Arena on March 24.

When I entered the arena, fans dressed up in sparkly outfits that resembled IVE’s “Kitsch” (2023) and “Love Dive” (2022) music videos welcomed me. Around me, I heard IVE fans conversing in Korean and discussing previous K-pop concerts they attended together.

As the audience eagerly anticipated the start of the show, the volume of IVE’s song “Kitsch” suddenly increased and surprised everyone in the arena. Then, the lights dimmed, which created an electrifying atmosphere. The whole crowd proceeded to stand up and chant along with the beat, “Kitsch, Kitsch, Kitsch!”

A VCR clip, a type of video K-pop groups commonly play between sets, popped up on the screen, playing a montage of IVE’s stunning music videos followed by a shot of each band member. With an airplane runway graphic that resembled shots of their “I AM” (2023) music video and the narrator announcing “Enjoy your flight,” the screens slid open like curtains. The members of IVE then walked on the stage as confetti blasted into the air — a thrilling start to what promised to be a spectacle.

The opening block of the performance featured the group’s hit single “I AM,” an intensely red-lit stage for “Royal” (2022) and a vigorous dance routine for “Blue Blood” (2023), all showcasing the group’s classic confidence. During the performance of “I AM,” the stage lighting changed to a dark pink color right before the song’s climax when Leeseo sings the line “I hope you’d be someone’s dreams come true.” A switch back to brighter, flashier lighting right after for the song’s final chorus, where the members performed with the fullest energy, gave me chills.

After greeting their fans — dubbed “DIVEs” — IVE introduced the next set of songs as a gift for them. The band endearingly performed “Heroine” (2023), a song that touches on the experiences of celebrities facing negative comments and views from the public. As the members walked from one side of the stage to the other, they waved to their fans, whom they referred to as their heroines. During their performance of “Cherish” (2023), the members played around with a selfie stick that displayed them on the screen as if they were hosting a livestream on Instagram while singing.

The on-screen VCRs introduced the message “I still have so much to show you,” referencing the title of their tour, “Show What I Have,” during the intermission between sets. The band also set the mood with horror movie-themed videos for certain songs like “Hypnosis” (2023) and “My Satisfaction” (2022), which increased fans’ excitement.

IVE also took time to converse with the audience in between sets, discussing their tourist activities in Atlanta over the last few days, including a visit to the Georgia Aquarium and the  Atlanta Hawks game against the Boston Celtics. During one intermission, An Yujin and Leeseo briefly performed a TikTok dance to Justin Bieber’s “Peaches” (2021) in reference to peaches being Georgia’s state fruit.

Shifting away from the charismatic mood of their previous songs, the group performed two of their calm and touching tracks, “Shine With Me” (2023) and “Either Way” (2023), as the stage displayed butterflies in a magical background and hand-written lyrics from IVE members. The members performed sincerely in their sparkly silver dresses and fans sang along to the melodies. At the climax of “Shine With Me,” Yujin’s high notes struck the venue with a confetti pop.

IVE also showcased their diverse skills through a series of individual and group covers of popular Western pop songs. From Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” (2019) to NIKI’s “Every Summertime” (2021) and the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” (1996), their performances were nothing short of enjoyable. Among these, Gaeul and Rei’s rendition of “Wannabe” was especially full of fun, as they added a playful twist to the performance by attempting water bottle flips on stage.

The audience could not resist joining in on the silliness and ushers even started dancing along on the floor. Yujin and Leeseo’s performance of Little Mix’s “Woman Like Me” (2018) was another standout, as both members delivered a powerful dance and vocal performance that left DIVEs screaming.

IVE’s track record of hit songs ended with multiple bangs accompanied by blasts of confetti and streamers. “Love Dive,” “Kitsch,”  “Baddie” (2023) and “After Like” (2022) all earned a huge reaction from the audience members, who danced and chanted along to the upbeat tracks. The side screens that captured members up close during their performance exhibited their eye-catching facial expressions.

After entertaining fans with five performances of their English single “All Night” (2024) during the encore, the members of IVE finally said goodbye and left the stage. This marked the 17th stop of their world tour, where the band dazzled the audience with their beauty, talent and confidence.

I look forward to witnessing the next stories that IVE’s members will create with their fans from all over the world, as well as the group’s journey as they continue to deliver inspiring performances. Following the completion of their remaining U.S. tours in Rosemont, Ill. and Newark, N.J., IVE is set to head to Europe, South America and Asia to show the rest of their global fans what they have.

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