College Council (CC) convened Wednesday evening to pass nine bills providing funding for events hosted by various religious and cultural student organizations.

The Pakistani Students Association (PSA) presented two bills to fund events that advance Pakistani cultural awareness, including the Pakistani Awareness Dinner. The dinner will be held Feb. 25 and will focus on social, political and economic issues that Pakistan currently faces. CC unanimously voted to pass the bill.

CC also voted to fund monthly PSA dinners. PSA holds monthly dinners at Zyka Restaurant to celebrate Pakistani cultural holidays. In late February, PSA will celebrate Youm-e-Kashmir, a holiday that “commemorates the successful defense of Kashmir,” according to the bill.

In upcoming months, PSA will celebrate Pakistani Independence Day, the anniversary of the death of an important political figure and Pakistani Labor Day.

The Muslim Students Association (MSA) also submitted a bill requesting CC to fund an art exhibit that displays Islamic spiritual art at Emory’s Art Gala event. CC unanimously voted to fund materials needed for the exhibition.

The Asian Christian Fellowship of Intervarsity presented a bill to fund Veritas Forum 2013, which engages students and faculty in an open forum about the relevance of Jesus Christ in life.

Veritas Forum 2013 will be held in Cox Hall Ballroom on Feb. 20 and is open to students of all faiths. CC voted to fund the event.

Next, Active Minds at Emory presented a bill for supplemental funding for Eating Disorder Awareness Week, which will be from Feb. 25 to Mar. 1. The event’s goal is “to raise awareness about eating disorders through interactive activities,” according to the bill. CC will provide supplemental funding for the event.

In addition, with the help of CC funding, Emory Students for Israel will host a Shawarma Shindig on Feb. 27, which aims to educate students about the Jewish state.

The Hong Kong Student Association is hosting a dinner called Hot Pot Night, set to take place on March 1 in the Few Multipurpose Room. CC voted to provide about $1,000 for the event out of the $1,300 for which they asked.

The upcoming production of the Vagina Monologues, a popular feminist play that advocates for women’s rights, will receive funding from CC of about $2,400 of the $3,500.

Finally, CC voted to fund Emory’s co-ed Bhangra group, Karma Bhangra, to attend a dance competition at the University of Georgia called India Night.

In upcoming meetings, CC will discuss the Student Government Association’s statement on recent Georgia legislation that could potentially allow guns on campus. CC representatives will explore ways in which they can edit the statement to suit CC’s purpose as an elected body.

–By Rupsha Basu