The Student Government Association (SGA) released results for its Fall 2021 election for College Council (CC) First-Year Legislators and a BBA Council Junior Representative on Tuesday. There will not be a runoff election.

Ben Brodsky (25C), Abigail Dubinski (25C), Corinne Phillips (25C), Agha Haider (25C), Nidhi Ganta (25C) and John Kim (25C) were the six candidates elected to serve as CC First-Year Legislators. Of these six, two legislators will be chosen by Divisional Council President Akash Kurupassery to serve as legislators on SGA. 

Kurupassery will conduct an interview process for this selection, the results of which are tentatively set to be released Sept. 13, according to SGA President Rachel Ding.

Ben Brodsky, who received 201 votes (9.3%) — the highest number of votes — said that he was happy to see the election results and believes his class picked a “really strong” group of legislators.

“I think that the six of us have an opportunity to make real change on campus and make Emory the most enjoyable place to go to college anywhere in the world,” Brodsky said. “I’m looking forward to … being able to amplify the voices of those with ideas and also bringing my own ideas to how we can make Emory a better place.”

Dubinski, who received the second-most votes with 163 votes (7.54%) said that she hopes to “enhance and improve” her class in this position.

“During these challenging times of COVID-19 on our campus, first-year students need to have a voice on how to maximize the college experience,” Dubinski said. “I look forward to working with my fellow legislators to create a campus culture that fosters engagement, community, and collaboration.”

The opportunity to bring new voices to the council is an exciting one for freshman representatives, said Kim, who garnered 137 votes (6.34%). 

“As first years, we’re not adjusted to the Emory community yet; that means that we notice a lot more issues or concerns in the Emory community than the other people will because we’re technically a bit of an outsider,” Kim said. “I think a fresh perspective from the freshmen will really bring out the best in Emory in the future when the legislators can work together and really deliver the voice of the first years.

Dani Nakash was elected to the BBA Council Junior Representative position with 61 votes (64.21%). Nakash said that she is “honored” to have been elected to this role and that she “does not take it lightly.”

“My main priority will be to make sure all Goizueta juniors feel valued and heard in our class,” Nakash said. “Furthermore, I hope that through various programming and initiatives, our small (but mighty) class can feel connected to one another.”