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Why You Should Know Your University Employee Relocation Policy

Each year, relocation companies move approximately 200,000 families to their new locations. Although employee relocation policy differs from one organization to another, it doesn’t bar employees from seeking relocation. Employee relocation policy dictates that an employee be issued a relocation package. The package differs from one company to another. This is why it's essential to understand your [...]

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5 Newsletter Ideas for Marketing Your University

This content is not generated by the Emory Wheel. These classified ads are paid content. Setting up a newsletter for your university is a nice way of helping students stay in touch with their university and feel part of the community. But what if you are lost for newsletter ideas?  It can be hard to know [...]

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10 Reasons Why University Newspapers are Important

The following content is not produced by The Emory Wheel. These classified ads are paid content. University newspapers continue to disappear with the main culprit being the digital media. Students now get their news from the internet. Furthermore, activities like social media are also taking much of their free time. Another reason is that many [...]

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