Roxanne Chou (22Ox) became the Oxford Student Government Association (SGA) president-elect after winning the executive vice president runoff with 100 votes (52.35%) to opponent Maylynn Hu’s (22Ox) 91 votes (47.67%), according to an April 16 SGA email.

Calvin Bell III (22Ox) lost his uncontested race to an unprecedented 90.49% “no confidence” vote, prompting SGA to create a process to allow for the winner of the vice presidential runoff to assume the presidency. 

Following the results, Chou told the Wheel she was “shocked and definitely extremely grateful.” 

“I know that there’s a long road ahead of me for the next year, but I hope that people see me as a resource and person to go to when they have any concerns or comments or questions,” Chou said. “I wouldn’t be anywhere without the entirety of the Oxford community, and their input would only further accelerate the achievement of my platform goals.”

Current president Eleanor Liu (21Ox) will lead an application process open to all first-years to fill the position of executive vice president. Chou and Liu will work together to determine which applicant will fill the position. Chou emphasized the executive vice president’s role as chair of the SGA Interclub Council as a factor in the decision.

“Something that I’m looking for is someone who is very well-versed in clubs and how to plan events … and someone who is very passionate about student involvement,” Chou said. “The vice president and president do work hand in hand for the entire year, and I would like someone who communicates well with me as well as with the student body.”

Newly-appointed Oxford SGA president Roxanne Chou discussed her campaign platform at the SGA candidate discussion on April 5.

Expressing support for Chou, Hu confirmed that she will apply to the vice presidential position and plans to continue her involvement in SGA.

“I will be honest, I wouldn’t say that I’m not a little bit disappointed, but I am so happy for [Chou],” Hu said. “I think she’ll be an incredible president.”

In the initial election, Hu won the plurality of votes (36.19%), with Chou (27.91%) advancing to the runoff after edging out third candidate Michael Chan (22Ox) (27.6%) by one vote.

Chan also expressed confidence in Chou’s leadership and said he was “definitely considering applying” for the executive vice president position, as well as cabinet positions.

“I think if anything, the results showed that she’s the people’s choice, so I’m happy for the results and for her,” Chan said.

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Caelan Bailey (22Ox, 24C) is from Charleston, South Carolina.