BRIEF: Student Hit By Car, DUC Drops Inspection Points

Student Hit By Car

An Emory University student was hit by a car at the intersection of Clifton and Gatewood roads May 2, according to a statement from the University.

The collision took place as the student was crossing the street on Clifton Road. Emory Police responded to the accident at 4 p.m.

The student was taken to Atlanta Medical Center and remains in stable condition, the release said.

DUC Drops Inspection Points

Emory’s Dobbs University Center’s (DUC) food inspection score dropped 14 points, to a 76/C, since its last Georgia Department of Public Health routine inspection half a year ago. 

The most critical risk factor violations included inadequate hand washing practices before touching food contact surfaces or handling food and failing to keep hot and cold foods at proper temperatures, according to a report of the April 20 inspection.

The DUC also failed to properly document the time and temperature of food when served, a repeat violation, the report said. New violations included stacking wet utensils instead of separating and air-drying them and multiple flying insects in the food preparation area, though Quality Assurance Manager Bukola Babatunde told the inspector that pest control service was scheduled.

“Bon Appetit takes these issues extremely seriously and [has] taken a number of measures to remedy it right away,” said Dave Furhman, senior director of Emory Dining. Bon Appetit made on-site corrections, and staff received additional sanitation training following the inspection, Furhman said.

“We have every confidence that we will be 90 or greater at the next inspection,” Furhman said. The follow-up inspection is scheduled for June 19.