Administration Building. Photo by Hagar Elsayed/ Photo Editor

Administration Building. Photo by Hagar Elsayed/ Photo Editor

The Emory Board of Trustees, a governing body that establishes University policy, recently elected four new members, according to a Jan. 22 University press release.

The new members include Glenmede Trust Company Managing Director, N.A., Lee Miller; Bauerfeind USA, Inc. CEO Greg Vaughn; Ernst & Young Global Chairman and CEO Mark Weinberger and Global CFO of McKinsey and Director of the Atlanta office Tom Barkin.

Of the new members only Barkin is a term trustee, meaning he is not an Emory alumnus.

The other three will serve as alumni trustees. All four new members will serve six-year terms on the Board.

According to Vice President and University Secretary Allison Dykes, alumni must fill 11 of the 25 Board of Trustees positions.

Dykes said the new trustees are “engaged alumni … these are individuals who are deeply connected to the Institution, to the Alumni Association and that have served Emory in a variety to leadership positions.”

Of his new position, Vaughn wrote in an email to the Wheel that when the Alumni Association and Board of Trustees reached out to him about the possibility of joining the Board, he was honored to serve in this meaningful capacity.

“I am excited to collaborate with students, faculty, staff, administrators and other trustees in the ongoing work, new challenges and opportunities to further enhance the campus life experience for all students and to help ensure that Emory remains a destination University within the reach of all highly qualified, interested students,” he said.

Chair of the Board of Trustees John Morgan wrote in an email to the Wheel that one of the most important contributions trustees can make to the University is delivering a wide range of experiences and voices that reflect Emory’s core values and ambitions.

“Through the range of these voices, the trustees intend to make the best decisions on behalf of the University toward our shared goals,” Morgan said. “The current class of recently elected trustees are stellar examples of the depth of life experiences and proven judgment in consulting, investments, business and medicine that can be relied on to compete for the best that Emory can be.”

Morgan wrote that he looks forward to getting to know the new trustees, citing that one of the benefits of trusteeship is getting to know and work with great people.

Senior Associate Vice President for Alumni Affairs Sarah Cook affirmed the importance of picking diverse candidates who understand Emory’s goals.

“I want to emphasize that while leadership, unique skill sets aligned with the functional needs of the board and philanthropic support for Emory are all critically important, that we also look holistically at the long-term board make up,” Cook wrote in an email to the Wheel. “Ultimately, we want the most qualified candidates … and we want these candidates to represent the diversity of our alumni and student body in every sense of the word to continue Emory on the path to advance its mission.”

As part of the Emory Alumni Board (EAB), Cook is involved in the selection of new trustees. The EAB is responsible for selecting candidates to fill up the 11 alumni trustee positions on the Board of Trustees.

According to Cook, the Nominating Committee of the EAB conducts this process.

The Nominating Committee conducts a thorough review of candidates. This often includes extensive research of their leadership experience with complex organizations like Emory, specific skill sets and experience and current Emory affinity, engagement and philanthropy, she wrote.

“Each of the trustees has a background and understanding in a field that is relevant to Emory — finance, health care, asset management and organizational leadership,” Cook wrote. “This — in combination with a passion for Emory and a desire to see the institution, its students and their fellow alumni thrive — makes them ideally suited to help lead Emory to the next level.”

— By Annie McGrew, Asst. News Editor