There are numerous posts on Facebook featuring the fan’s expression and excitement for the upcoming song BlackPink Ft PewDiePie.It is an unbelievable fact for the fans to see a Blanckpain video featuring Pewdiepie and also the desire of most of the fans.

Pewdiepie did also mention in one of his interviews that he really like K-Pop and considered BTS and BlackPink as one of his favorites. That’s why he is working on the lyrics with the BlackPain and featuring an awesome video Song.

How BlackPink became a  successful K-pop Group?

It almost took four years for Blackpink to entrench itself to be listed in the world’s most rated girl-bands. Its features Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and  Rose remain to crush records and release new albums with more fascinating songs for their fans. Yes, this is the band that is the first K-pop group of girls featured in Coachella for the music concert and got more than a billion views on Youtube and also rated as the K-pop group with the most subscribers of YT.

Not only in the US and Korea but all of the world where the people used to listen to the BlackPink and really appreciate the songs.

It is the girl’s group that broke the Guinness World Records with one of the most rated single “Kill This love “, it features over 300+ streams on Spotify and almost 800+ million views on the Youtube. This was the reason the band is so much popular across the rivers and this much appreciated. Many hit albums were launched by the BlackPink girl group. They are featured in many fashion shows and brand events as sponsors. The BlackPink is also known as a group of trend makers for the females.

A new generation girl band

Without cutting down the main context let’s see what is the release delay of the BlackPink Ft Pewdiepie and how it is supposed to be released?

The Exact Release Date BlackPink Ft PewDiePie

BlackPink Ft Pewdiepie’s new song is going to be a hit and is presumed to break all the previous records because of the huge fan followings. But we can’t estimate the ranking of this new song whether it will be rated as # trending 1 or not depends on what genre it is which is not yet revealed.

The focal point for the success of this song is that it features to of the most-rated groups one is the team of one of the best content creator on Youtube featuring Pewdiepie as the man on the front and the other one is the group of South Korean girls (K-pop singers and dances) rated worldwide.

The exact date for the release is revealed, you can check the live counter for BlackPink Ft PewDiePie. On this site, it features a counter for the exact date for the release, the one thing you may want to ask whether it is legit or not.

But as the counter and channel BlackPink is featured over the site it seems fully legit. You can walk to this site daily to get updated with the live counter and also subscribes to the BlackPink Official Channel so that you’ll instantly notify about the new song.

How much Profit will the BlackPink Ft Pewdiepie’s new song expect to generate? 

All the BlackPink songs are profitable and have a smooth rate of success while the demand curve for more songs is rising upward by the BlackPink’s songs aficionados. Every song created by this group is not an effort for one night but it takes months to create such featured songs.

The new upcoming BlackPink Ft Pewdiepie song is expected to generate double or triple profit than any of its previous releases as it features Pewdiepie.

This song is fully featured with the personalities which are the desire of the fans to get seen in a single song and fully encouraged by both communities.

This is the song whether one likes BlackPink or not but really watch it because of starring the Pewdiepie in it, a man famous worldwide because of its videos. So , stay tuned to over newsletter to get instantly updated with the new release.