What is the one thing you always have with you? Yup, your smartphone. Since you already have it, go ahead and take it out to download these awesome apps that every college student should have. You probably have the obvious Skype, Uber, Venmo and Emory Mobile apps, but here are convenient apps that you might not have yet.

Mint (for Android and iPhone)

It’s difficult to keep track of expenditures during a time in our lives when there are so many other priorities; it feels easier to simply swipe your card when you’re buying an espresso on a Tuesday night after a three-hour lab and forget about the money you’re spending. But the Mint app is super helpful and easy for managing all your money. And who doesn’t like to feel organized? You can view your credit cards and checking and savings accounts, and even keep track of your cash. The app automatically totals and sorts your spendings so that  you can be aware of  your finances, ultimately allowing you to create a budget and maintain it. Try it out — it’s not complicated and it’s a great way to make sure your parents don’t kill you for spending a fortune in your first semester!

MyFitnessPal (for Android and iPhone)

Are you terrified of the impending “freshman 15?” Even if you’re not a freshman, it’s  easy to gain weight in college because of late-night pizza, the cafeteria effect, the amazing cookies at the DUC and the convenient placement of Chipotle in Emory Village. I don’t know about you, but I need some extra motivation to actually get myself to work out. While the MyFitnessPal app is not a coach forcing me to run laps, it definitely helps me set goals for myself; it pushes me to actually fulfill my objectives, eat less junk food and drag my butt to the gym. It’s a calorie counter, a diet tracker and exercise tracker all in one..

Companion (for Android and iPhone)

This one’s pretty new, and it was created by some college students to promote safety on college campuses. If you’re ever walking back to your dorm alone, this app is such a great resource that allows you to feel safe and secure. While Emory provides security measures such as SafeRide and the Blue Light system, this app is another way to make sure you get home safely at any time. The app lets the user request a friend or family member to virtually walk him or her home and track the trip on an online map. If anything were to happen, the app would detect changes in movement and would ask the user if everything was OK. The user can confirm that he or she is OK with a tap of a button, but if not, Companion triggers an alarm and gives the option to immediately contact the police. It will also send an alert to the friend or family member tracking the user’s journey and give him or her the option to call the user or the police. It’s both scary and sad that an app like this has reason to exist, but it’s definitely an amazing and practical app for everyone.

iStudiez Pro (for Android and iPhone)

I applaud you if you’re able to keep track of your schedule on your own. There’s so much happening in the life of a college student: classes, meetings, notes, readings, essays and research projects, yet you still have to find time to socialize with friends, work out and, oh yeah, eat. Juggling it all is a difficult task to take on, but we all need to do it. iStudiez Pro is just one of the many scheduling apps that can help you stay organized and on top of your agenda. It shows you an overview of classes, events and assignments for each day so you don’t miss anything. With everything in one place, you can be more efficient and manage all of your assignments easily. If you already use your iOS calendar to keep track of events, iStudiez will integrate them into your schedule on the app. You can also easily share your schedule with friends and family. I recommend this app to every student; we all have so much going on, and it feels great to be on top of it all with one app.

Spotify (for Android and iPhone)

Okay, maybe this one is obvious and you already have it, but I firmly believe that every college student needs Spotify in their daily life. Music is an amazing way to de-stress from a crazy workload,  jam out with friends, enjoy a run on the treadmill or  do homework alongside a calm tune. Unwind with the “Afternoon Acoustic” playlist they have already created, workout to their “Cardio” playlist (or any other of the numerous workout playlists), or party with  their “TGIF” playlist.

You’re in college; with so much going on, it’s important to take advantage of every convenience possible. These apps are great ways to stay safe, healthy and happy in the midst of stressful day-to-day happenings.