Best Campus Resources

Best during-the-day dining: HIGHLAND BAKERY

When the Einstein’s by the B-school closed down, chaos ensued. What could possibly replace the beloved bagel/coffee locale? Well, as it turns out, Highland Bakery certainly could. It’s perfect for grabbing a coffee and muffin for the road; it’s perfect for sitting with a traditional southern breakfast and finishing up your homework before class; it’s perfect for grabbing a fresh salad or sandwich and enjoying lunch with a friend. The rest of Emory is equally as excited about the bakery, so the lines tend to be long, but fear not – they move surprisingly fast.

Best study spot: THE BIO LIBS

Best place to study on campus: “The Bio Libs” aka the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library. During finals time, the Woodruff Library is anything but conducive to studying. If you’re lucky enough to even find a seat, the collective panic creates waaay too much tension, and it’s impossible to actually focus your attention on, like, a textbook (I actually had security come yell at a study room one time for being too loud).

Enter the solution: the Health Sciences Library. In the Bio building en route to the Woodruff dorms, you’ll find this lovely hidden gem of a study spot. There are big, comfy chairs. There’s historic-feeling architecture. There’s always a free table. Perhaps most importantly, there’s silence.

Best bathroom on campus: FIRST FLOOR CANDLER

Unless you’re a Classics major, you probably won’t be spending a whole lot of time on the ground floor of Candler. But that’s why the bathroom you’ll find there is so awesome. It’s a personal bathroom, in a super-silent and calming area, so you can do your business in peace. There’s never a line. It’s in a primarily faculty-used area, so it’s a little nicer. And it’s clean.

Best on-campus late-night dining: ZAYA AT DOOLEY’S DEN

There’s been a lot of over-the-summer buzz about the revamps coming to Cox this fall, but until we have definitive proof of their improvements, I’ll always be a Zaya girl. It’s open over fall break, when everything else is closed, and it’s great for when you’re looking for somewhere to use your Dooley Dollars. It’s open at one in the morning, when you’re lugging an over-served friend back to the dorms, and you’re both really craving some pancakes. It offers falafel, gyros and other traditional Greek fare, along with all the basic chicken tenders and burger options. Plus, where else on campus can you grab a pint of ice cream to go?

– By Emelia Fredlick, Arts & Entertainment Editor