Best “First Year” Event: SONGFEST

Let’s be honest: it’s a little irritating when your way-too-energetic SA drags you out of your room (multiple times) to practice dance moves in a parking lot. But at some point between tripping over your hallmates and learning more lyrical variations to “Beat It” than you ever knew could exist, it stops being a burden and actually starts being fun. I won’t pretend to know how running around frantically in front of thousands of newly-indoctrinated Emory students does the trick, but it does. And you’ll find yourself returning to the WoodPEC every year after to cheer on your former place of residence.

Best Arts Event: BEST IN SHOW

This might be kind of a cop-out, but Best in Show never fails to impress. I’m 90 percent sure it was created as a way to prove to parents that we really do more than study in this place, but there’s no better way to see all the awesome things your fellow Emoryians are getting up to in one shot. Take a seat on McDonough and enjoy the amazingness of the a cappella groups, student-run dance teams and any other performing group you can think of. Best in Show usually takes place during the first few weeks of school, so it’s a great chance to see all the arts groups in action before auditions.

Best overall event: DRAG SHOW

Yes, it’s true: I cried during the 2011 drag show. (They couldn’t stop the beat!) This annual event is a great way to check out a variety of on-campus clubs, from the OMPS office to EmRock to the rugby team, and most importantly – to check them out lip-syncing and grooving to any rockin’ song they choose. And it’s for a good cause: all proceeds benefit Day League, formerly known as the DeKalb Rape Crisis Center. It’s an amazing occasion when the whole campus comes together to celebrate diversity and LGBTQ pride, show our support for one another and sing and dance along the way.

– By Emelia Fredlick, Arts & Entertainment Editor

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