Not much compares to starting the day off right with a delicious meal. Some of the best local breakfast places in terms of taste and price are The General Muir, Flying Biscuit Cafe and Rise-n-Dine.

The General Muir

The General Muir, located at Emory Point, produces dishes whose beauty rivals their taste. They specialize in bagels, omelette, coffee and pastrami.  

I highly recommend their three-egg omelette, which is made with vegetables and griddle rye. This omelette perfectly illustrates the motto ‘quality over quantity.’ Although not too large, every bite of it is perfectly cooked. The peppers, rye and cheese blend together for that cohesive bite.

Another main dish I recommend is the smoked hash, which consists of crispy pastrami, potatoes, cabbage, peppers, caramelized onions and sunny side up eggs. It is unique because of The General Muir’s quality and unique choice of ingredients. They use pastrami instead of bacon — which is often an unpopular trade — but because of the way they cook the pastrami, it is extremely tender, slightly thicker and less salty than typical bacon.

For those who want to avoid the seemingly inevitable long line, The General Muir has a take-out counter for bagels. Their lox bagel with horseradish cream cheese is a perfect combination of fresh flavors and crispiness.

You can end your breakfast and add a simple boost to your day with some of their freshly brewed coffee.


Rise-n-Dine, in Emory Village, is another convenient option for students and is generally cheaper than The General Muir. For those who are craving pancakes, waffles or another classic breakfast dish, Rise-n-Dine is the place.

In addition to the classics, Rise-n-Dine has sweet potato pancakes and a special pancake order that they mix with Nutella and banana called the Pangea.

My personal favorite dish is their plate of sausage tacos, which consist of scrambled eggs, house-made chicken sausage and cheddar cheese in two flour tortillas. The combination of quality sausage, eggs and tortillas makes it impossible not to indulge. I definitely recommend this dish for the more adventurous breakfast-goer.

Flying Biscuit Cafe

Flying Biscuit Cafe makes exceptional biscuits, grits and mixed drinks for those who are of age.

I highly recommend getting the Breakfast Bowl: a full bowl of grits covered by fried green tomatoes and turkey bacon over medium eggs and tomato coulis. Each bite is warm, relaxing and most importantly delicious.

Although a bit farther than the other two, Flying Biscuit Cafe is the place to go for a delicious Southern breakfast.

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