Even though the Georgian sun continues to beat down heavily on the newly revived Emory campus, the summer season is nonetheless fleeting. A Gilmore Girls-esque fall is hopefully on the horizon and with it, a new wardrobe — one that now includes pants. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your on-campus outfits, below is a guide to some summer-into-fall fashion trends.

Sophie Gern (24C) and a friend sporting some mid-length denim shorts. (Sophie Gern)

Mid-length denim shorts 

This summer, I made the dramatic shift from the short-shorts I’ve worn since I was 14 to longer cut denim. I have nothing against those who continue to go the shorter route, but I want to bring attention to the beauty of a longer cut, which has been neglected for far too long. For starters, longer shorts are comfortable. It’s game-changing not having to continually pull down a pair of shorts as they move around throughout the day. Plus, the extra coverage keeps you from the pains of an icy cold auditorium seat or a scorching leather car seat. The longer shorts also allow you to boast a longer shirt without looking pantsless. It’s officially time the mom jean trend makes its way to shorts. 

Necklace stacking 

It’s simple yet effective; layering jewelry on top of a basic tee is a tried and true lazy person staple. This look is also great because you likely already have the pieces in your closet. Sometimes, we forget that accesories can do just as much for a look as clothes themselves. A simple white or black shirt with a few gold necklaces looks classy, tasteful and is always rewearable. It’s a perfect daily look. Check out The M Jewelers, Urban Outfitters or Baublebar for some necklace stacking options. 

Sophie Gern (24C) and her friend layering necklaces. (Sophie Gern)

Collared shirts 

Middle school me, who was subjected to a rather unfortunate school uniform of collared navy shirts, would be stunned that I now elect to reach for such an item. Yet, collared shirts can be made to look both casual and formal. If you head home for fall break, try sorting through a parent’s closet for a well-loved collared shirt that could be worn unbuttoned as a layering piece or buttoned and tucked into a pair of shorts. A stiffer collared shirt is also great, especially if  you grab a pair of scissors and modernize the top by cropping the bottom or cutting the tight sleeves. 

Yoga pants 

Yoga pants have been on a recent return in part to YouTuber Emma Chamberlain. She’s often seen sporting yoga pants, a retro sweatshirt and some big “I’m famous don’t talk to me” sunglasses. And she’s certainly onto something — yoga pants are comfortable, flattering and not overly sweaty, which can’t always be said for their tighter counterpart, leggings. Check out Athleta, Nike or Aerie if you want to hop on Chamberlain’s trend.

Sweat suits

I have a friend who has always sworn by sweat suits, and until recently, I did not understand the obsession. Something about matching your lazy outfit makes it that much less lazy. A sweat suit communicates that even though you may have woken up fatigued, you can still manage to look chic. You can have fun with colors and patterns and even bring sweatshorts into the picture on a hotter day. The sweat suit is time efficient, bold and comfy, so you really can’t go wrong. 

If you’re hoping to start the year in a fashionable yet comfortable way, the above items are key to your success. It’s tough churning out new looks every day after a year and a half of Zoom. But look at your return-to-campus outfits as an exciting conquest, one that you would’ve been delighted to take on last year.