Zack Levin

Zack Levin (22B) is from Suffern, New York, majoring in creative writing and marketing. Outside of the Wheel, he serves as the publicity chair for the Alloy Literary Magazine. In his free time, Levin enjoys hiking, watching whatever pops up in his Netflix recommendation feed and playing with his three dogs. Contact Levin at [email protected]

‘Nomadland’ Wins Big at Chaotically Low-Energy 2021 Oscars

The prolonged 2021 Oscar season finally came to an end on April 25 with an unusual ceremony that maintained the energy of a business convention populated by exhausted and bored patrons with the occasional burst of sentimentality. Though most of the telecast was just dull, once the announcer notified viewers that Best Picture would be [...]

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2021 Oscar Nominations: The State of this Historic Race

Any nominations announcement for entertainment award shows leads to inevitable mass disappointment in the lineup. Worthy contenders will be snubbed for a nomination, and fans will be rightfully upset over specific inclusions, exclusions or overarching issues with the lineup as a whole. The 2021 Oscar nominations, whose announcement was delayed by over two months due [...]

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‘I Care a Lot’ Can’t Answer Why You Should Care

“There’s no such thing as good people.” Among the first lines spoken in the film, this sentiment is front and center in writer-director J Blakeson’s new criminal dark comedy “I Care a Lot” on Netflix. Blakeson never lets you forget this opening stance as he dives deep into a critique of late-stage capitalism and attempts [...]

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‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’ Recounts a Timely Story for 2020

In a year brimming with social unrest, anger against the establishment, threats to our basic framework of democracy and corruption within our justice system, it feels prescient for “The Trial of the Chicago 7” to be released now after living in development hell since 2006. Today, the infamous 1969 trial is pure evidence that what [...]

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