Author: Yun Zhu

We Need a Gendered Perspective of International Relations

International relations has long centered on struggles over hard power; wars, conquests, conflicts, domination, weaponry strategies, and the list goes on. Such activities are inextricably linked to culturally masculine characteristics, including  aggression and strength. In comparison, socially feminine traits, including gentleness, empathy and compassion are at the peripheral of the political discourse. This overemphasis on [...]

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Let’s Talk About Women and Fiction 80 Years After Woolf’s Death

On March 28, 1941, Virginia Woolf washed away her existence in the River Ouse: a mind so unimpeded and revolutionary, a consciousness flowing with such authenticity and precision perished from the earth into the cold torrent of the river. Eighty years have passed since her tragic death, but her writing, thoughts and ideals still shine [...]

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We Must Dismantle the Model Minority Myth

For far too long, American culture has perpetuated an illusion that Asian Americans have wholly overcome oppression and discrimination. This misconception brands Asian Americans as the model minority who utilize every chance to pursue the American Dream; it also ignores their economic marginalization and threats to their psychological well-being, downplays the racism they face, and [...]

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Biden Win Signals Brighter Future With Latin America

In the hours following President-elect Joe Biden’s triumph over President Donald Trump, an air of exuberance spread over Latin America. Activists from Colombia to Mexico celebrated Biden's victory, while Latin American media praised the election result as a blow to fascism and the end of one of the darkest periods in American history. Such optimism [...]

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