Yokie Abera

Yokie Abera (23C) is from Atlanta, Georgia, majoring in film and media studies. Outside of the Wheel, her hobbies include listening to music, reading comics and watching reality TV shows.

‘The Circle’ Continues To Make Several Points

After an intense second season, Netflix’s hit-reality competition series “The Circle” finally declared its winner on May 5. When the show first aired in 2020, many brushed it aside since a show where random people competed through a voice-controlled app called “The Circle” seemed like a corny attempt to bring an episode of “Black Mirror” [...]

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Chloe x Halle Are Grown And People Need To Deal With It

When it comes to sisters Chloe and Halle Bailey, numerous media outlets are quick to label them as Beyoncé’s protégés. However, they’ve demonstrated from a young age that their talents lie in various areas. At ages 13 and 11, the duo began covering a range of artists on their YouTube channel, where they were eventually [...]

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