Xavier Stevens

Xavier Stevens (23C) is from St. Louis, Missouri, studying English and Creative Writing. Outside of the Wheel, he plays ultimate frisbee with Emory Juice and enjoys listening to Daft Punk and The Staple Singers.

Emory’s Role “In the Wake of Slavery and Dispossession”

Carol Henderson takes the podium at “In the Wake of Slavery and Dispossession” symposium after several performance artists, dancers and priests acknowledge their ancestors through readings, music and prayers. She is the vice provost for diversity and inclusion, chief diversity officer, adviser to the president, co-chair of the Symposium Steering Committee and a powerful speaker.   [...]

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Emory Fall Bucket List: 5 activities right on campus

Many students at Emory University fall into one of two categories: those who are new to a full capacity campus and those who need a refresher after a year and a half away. Autumn is routinely an exciting time for students to find new friends and discover beautiful spots on campus. And with this grand [...]

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Songfest kicks off first year experience for class of ‘25

Watching over a thousand first-year students gathered in the Woodruff P.E. Center on Aug. 26 felt unreal for those who spent the last year and a half attending college virtually. With first-year students getting ready to perform in the stands, second-year students observed in confusion and upperclassmen reminiscing on their times as first-years.  Emory University’s [...]

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