William Wainwright

William Wainwright (he/him/his 25C) is from Atlanta, Georgia and is planning on majoring in international studies. He is interested in politics, philosophy and music. He will also read just about any book you put in front of him.

Emory should invest in Emory Village

Wikimedia Commons/Keizers Emory University students who have gone to Emory Village recently seeking a reprieve from the food served at the Dobbs Common Table (DCT) and Cox Hall will have been disappointed. Pandemic-related dips in patronage have made Emory Village a ghost town, with the former locations of Lucky’s Burgers and Brew, Slice and Pint [...]

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The way we vote needs a shake-up

(Wikimedia / Dwight Burnette) In the past few weeks, many Emory students cast their ballots for Atlanta’s new mayor, but Atlanta still has not elected one. This is for no reason other than Georgia's requirement for a runoff election when no candidate wins an outright majority, a racist relic of the 1960s and a peculiarity [...]

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We dig Doug: Vote Shipman for city council president

Courtesy of the Emory Wheel On Nov. 2, Atlanta voters will choose their next mayor. While that contest will certainly capture headlines, down-ballot races are just as important. Foremost among these races is the one for city council president, who is responsible for appointing committee chairs, breaking tie votes and is second in line for [...]

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Tenure in Georgia is under attack. We must defend it.

Georgia’s public universities are under siege. On Oct. 13, the Georgia Board of Regents approved a policy which would significantly weaken tenure at public universities in Georgia by making it easier for administration to fire tenured faculty, providing a path to termination without faculty input. In response, the American Association of University Professors has expressed [...]

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The U.S. cannot abandon Afghanistan

(Wikimedia Commons/RandomUserGuy1738) In President Joe Biden’s recent remarks on the U.S. military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, he indicated that the U.S. is shifting its focus inwards and away from nation building efforts. While the American public supports this new policy focus, Biden’s latest move is a dangerous abdication of our global responsibility to repay our debt [...]

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