Viviana Barreto

Viviana Barreto (22C) is from Covington, Georgia, majoring in sociology. Her hobbies include drawing, writing and yoga. In her free time, she writes for the Wheel’s Editorial Board. Barreto plans to become a sociologist.

America Has Failed Vulnerable Immigrants and We Are All Complicit

The U.S. has a longstanding history of systemically alienating and endangering immigrant populations. This history is far from obsolete. To this day, the state of Georgia, Emory University and the Emory Wheel continue these erroneous practices. We must acknowledge and deconstruct the social, educational and legal barriers that devastate immigrant communities as we strive for [...]

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Why You Should Cancel Your Prime Membership

We live in an unprecedented era of convenience. We buy more products online than ever before, and COVID-19 has only boosted this growing market. One such corporation continues to loom larger than any other: Amazon.  Alongside alleged worker exploitation, antitrust violations and tax evasion, the tech giant sells Prime memberships that guarantee receipt of almost [...]

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