Vikrant Nallaparaju

Film Critic Vikrant Nallaparaju is a College Sophomore from Houston, Texas studying Anthropology and Human Biology. This is his second year writing for the wheel and the first serving as film a critic. When it comes to movies, he can usually be found watching the films of Joe Dante and lamenting the fall of John Carpenter.

40 Years After Its Debut, ‘Suspiria’ Scares in 4K

Sometimes a film comes along that turns our cinematic world upside down, plucking us from reality and taking us on a wild journey before dropping us back into our seat as the credits roll. My first viewing of “Suspiria” completely shattered my notions of what horror films were and could be. Director Dario Argento sucked [...]

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‘The Mummy’ is a Lukewarm Attempt at Reviving the Classic Monster

Courtesy of Universal Pictures   In this era of expanded and shared cinematic universes, I’m genuinely surprised that it’s taken the Universal Monsters franchise this long to return to the spotlight. (After all, films like Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man and House of Frankenstein were mashing up different franchises for more than 50 years before [...]

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Horror Stars Talk History at Famous Monsters Convention

Courtesy of Alan Tijerina, WFAA “The real horror was on the street and not up on the screen.” — Sara Karloff on horror classic Targets (1968)   Horror filmmaking has always served as a powerful vehicle for social commentary and exploration of humanity. It’s no surprise that the genre has managed to develop an intensely passionate [...]

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