Author: Varun Gupta

From Teen Hacker to Devoted Academic

For teenaged Ymir Vigfusson, hacking into company servers was like playing Pac-Man at an arcade. It was a game, one that appeared to be isolated from any real consequences, said Vigfusson, who is now an assistant professor in...

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Professor Dates Ancient DNA in Malawi

Assistant Professor of Anthropology Jessica Thompson, four undergraduate and one graduate student are in the process of cleaning and sorting through thousands of 1-mm to 3-mm pieces of stone and human bones, excavated at Mount...

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Undocumented Immigrants Talk Discrimination

“[My classmates] would shake my hand and then they would wipe it,” said Mauricio Perez, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico. The reason for their disgust: “Because you are not from here.” Perez, a panelist for “The Dream After...

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Emory Doctors Aid Refugees

Before the operation, she couldn’t see the faces of her two children. Hajjeh, a mother displaced by the civil war in Syria, settled down in a refugee camp to keep her children safe. A year earlier, complications from a cataract...

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Visiting Professor Tells Migrant Stories

For Visiting Assistant Professor Isabella Alexander, a normal day in Morocco consists of scavenging dump sites for food scraps and hiding film in the soles of her shoes. At night, she takes cat naps on the ground, remaining...

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