Author: Varun Gupta

Helicopter Crew Braves High Stakes

Anytime between the crack of dawn and nightfall, Emory students living on campus are bound to intermittently hear the droning sound of helicopters circling overhead. Far above the chatter of campus in the helicopter cabin, a...

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El Super Pan Scores At SunTrust Park

Within walking distance of the Atlanta Braves’ SunTrust Park, the newly opened El Super Pan at The Battery could look the part of any other casual sports bar. Step inside, however, and the Latino sandwich diner begins to narrate...

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John Kim: Teacher, Blogger, Jedi Master

A quick Google search for “consulting blog” registers the blog of Emory Lecturer in Organization and Management John Kim (05B), “Consultant’s Mind,” as the first result. Kim created Consultant’s Mind in April 2012 to define the...

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