Varun Gupta

Varun Gupta (20C) is studying political science and philosophy. He seeks discomfort by shadowing people in different professions, such as campus security, a sous chef and bar manager. Apart from the Wheel, you can catch him playing ultimate frisbee or recounting a crazy travel experience from one of 21 different countries that he has visited.

Buzzfeed ‘Worth It’ Host Fuses Asian Heritage and Entertainment

Even before audience members could take their seats, Emory students were already shaking with excitement. One girl said she caught a glimpse of the iconic dyed hair: proof that her favorite BuzzFeed personality had been standing beside her. In an event organized by the Emory Asian Student Organization, former executive producer at Buzzfeed and co-founder [...]

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Emory Kicks Off First Artisan Market

Featuring 15 student artisans selling homemade accessories including hand-woven winter beanies, clay candle holders, prints and jewelry, the Emory Student Artisan Market sponsored by the Student Government Association (SGA) debuted on Nov. 1. Retail displays lined both sides of Cox Bridge, with personality and color complementing the student creations. Gisele Schemankewitz (20C), who was involved [...]

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Ziere to Launch Culture App This Winter

Some of the most memorable moments on vacation often happen completely by chance. Perhaps it’s a stop for dinner at a small, family-owned restaurant or a block party tucked in a hidden alley. Davion Ziere (14C) insists that he can improve the overall tourist experience by curating “happy accidents” within any city on Earth. Realizing [...]

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Asian Joint Flaunts Southern Charm

A mere 10-minute walk away from Krog Street Market, JenChan’s Restaurant and Market recently opened on Sept. 4 on Carroll Street in Atlanta’s Cabbagetown district. The restaurant combines southern style comfort food with traditional Asian flavors. Thought up by married partners Emily and Jen Chan, the menu presents popular dishes from their subscription-based meal delivery [...]

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Young Discusses Spiritual Fulfillment, Civil Rights Breakthroughs During Commencement Address

Andrew Young/ Courtesy of Emory Photo At Emory University’s 174th commencement on Monday, more than 15,000 students and family members watched former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young deliver a keynote address in which he discussed fulfilling spiritual purpose in life. A 1955 graduate from Howard University (D.C.), Young [...]

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