Tripp Burton

Tripp Burton (21B) is from Noblesville, Indiana, and majors in business and English. He is a student assistant for the men’s varsity basketball team, a staff writer for The Emory Wheel and a member of the Student Programming Council and Emory Peer Review Board.

Fall Sports Canceled Until January, Senior Athletes Heartbroken

Fall 2020 will be an eerily quiet time at Emory. Not only will there be a lack of students, but no Emory athlete will compete during the semester. In a statement released on July 17, the University announced there will be “no competition for Division III Athletics” until at least January.  The decision directly affects [...]

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The White Privilege of Making Mistakes

Last summer, I read “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck,” a New York Times bestseller written by Mark Manson. In the book, Manson advocates for the acceptance of struggle, denial and failure, arguing that all monumental successes in life come as a product of these monumental failures, and it is only through moments [...]

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Why it Truly was ‘The Last Dance’ for Michael Jordan: Episodes 9 and 10

Former professional basketball star Michael Jordan celebrates his 1993 Championship victory. This and the rest of Jordan's career are highlighted in ESPN's documentary "The Last Dance"/Courtesy of Netflix As he presented professional basketball star Michael Jordan with his fifth MVP award in 1998, former Commissioner David Stern professed: “on behalf of everyone this evening, thank [...]

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The Price of Winning: Episodes 7 and 8 of ‘The Last Dance’

Former professional basketball star Michael Jordan huddles with former Chicago Bulls Head Coach Phil Jackson during a game against the Miami Heat/Courtesy of ESPN/Netflix Celebrities typically choose to keep certain aspects of their personal life just that — personal. The seventh and eighth installments of the 10-part “The Last Dance” series peel back every layer [...]

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The Media Versus Michael Jordan: Episodes 5 and 6 of ‘The Last Dance’

Former professional basketball star Michael Jordan discusses his extraordinary career in ESPN's documentary "The Last Dance"/Courtesy of ESPN/Netflix Gatorade’s iconic 1992 “Be Like Mike” TV advertisement verbalized a feeling shared among the global public: everyone wanted to be Michael Jordan, the most famous basketball player, and perhaps person, in the world. Spotlighted in the fifth [...]

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