Thomas Kreutz

Associate Editor | Tommy Kreutz (18Ox, 21C) is from Chicago, majoring in creative writing and political science. Tommy is a published poet, whose favorite poetic reads are "Sin" by Ai, "Cortége" by Carl Philips and "A Women of Poetry" by Robyn Schiff. In his free time, Tommy furthers his own stereotype by going around campus, espousing ill-informed tirades about politics, movies and sports, to no one in particular.

SGA Returns $4K to College Council

Jackson Schneider, Contributing The Student Government Association (SGA) returned $4,000 to College Council (CC) after discovering that they would not need the funds to finance their printing initiative.  CC initially budgeted the $4,000 for the initiative in Spring 2019 but SGA later found that they would not need the money, according to CC Vice President [...]

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Round Table: Emory Faculty Discuss Vaping, Vitamin E Epidemic

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 530 people have been admitted to hospitals across the United States in 2019 for showing symptoms of inflamed lungs and other respiratory damage caused by vaping. Of the 530 cases, 72 percent were men, 67 percent were between the ages of 18 and 34 and [...]

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United Nations Official Discusses Hate Speech in the Internet Age

United Nations Special Rapporteur David Kaye discussed internet hate speech, the platforms from which it thrives and the roles governments and companies play in its mitigation at the Emory School of Law on Monday. The lecture was part of the Law School’s annual Global Leaders Lecture series. Kaye’s presentation outlined the difficulties in monitoring social [...]

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Emory Hosts Forum on U.S. Measles Outbreak

Nevin Walia, Contributing A panel composed of public health leaders addressed the 2019 U.S. measles outbreak as part of the Emory Global Health Institute’s inaugural event, which took place on Sept. 9. About 30 people attended the forum. With 1,241 individual measles cases reported since the beginning of 2019, the current outbreak is the country’s [...]

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