The Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is the official voice of the Emory Wheel and is editorially separate from the Wheel's board of editors.

Title IX Must Prioritize Survivors

Our newly inaugurated president was voted into office vowing change. Such change has the potential to impact Americans of all ages. Federal law regarding sexual assault on college campuses--an aspect of college life vital to Emory students — is potentially up for revision. Federal policy affects our lives in subtle ways; sexual assault policy is [...]

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In Response to the Women’s March

Over the course of the past election, President Trump faced multiple sexual assault claims and marital rape allegations. He was caught bragging about committing sexual assault and claiming that “all women are bimbos.” Trump’s businesses were investigated for racial discrimination, and he made multiple racist remarks against Muslims and other minorities. This past Saturday over [...]

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An Endorsement of SGA’s Referendum

On the surface, the upcoming proposal to separate the graduate schools from the Student Government Association (SGA) seems unnecessary. Since its founding, SGA represented Emory’s graduate students with an internal branch that had its own elected representatives and governed alongside undergraduate representatives. According to SGA President Max Zoberman, this is “not a new issue.” Graduate [...]

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The Failure of Add/Drop/Swap

Add/Drop/Swap at Emory University is a failing, antiquated system. That was the case this time last where, when the Wheel published an editorial saying so. It remains true today.  The point of Add/Drop/Swap, a period of time to pick classes before enrollment, is for students to ensure that their schedules meet their requirements and choices [...]

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On Fighting Fake News

With the inauguration of President Trump drawing near, highlighting the role of facts in the countless upcoming policy debates is crucial. The press has traditionally parsed truth from fiction in presenting their findings to the American people. It is often said that a free press strengthens the government’s civic accountability. A free press, however, means [...]

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