The Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is the official voice of the Emory Wheel and is editorially separate from the Wheel's board of editors.

Administration at Fault for Migos Booking Failure

Nothing has rallied students together this year as much as the news that Migos would be performing at Dooley’s Week. But when Emory realized it been scammed by a fraudulent third-party agency, the March 28 letter published by Student Programming Council’s (SPC) contained no hint of an apology, and failed to place blame for the [...]

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GSGA’s Constitution Stripped of Necessary Protections

In light of the student government split, the Graduate Student Government Association (GSGA) now autonomously governs Emory graduate students, but it is doing so under a constitution that lacks crucial checks and balances. As it stands, the GSGA Constitution does not mandate student referendums to pass legislation on issues of importance  — such as changing [...]

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GSGA’s Troubling Obstruction of Free Press

Three weeks ago, The Emory Wheel’s then-news editor reached out to the Graduate Student Government Association (GSGA) President Jared Greenbaum (17M.B.A.) about the location of that week’s GSGA meeting. Greenbaum did not respond to multiple requests for comment, but later revealed the location and said that the Wheel could not send undergraduate reporters to cover [...]

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SGA Acts First, Thinks Second

When students voted on a University-wide referendum to split the Student Government Association (SGA) into two independent bodies, the debate focused on the proper balance of graduate and undergraduate interests within the new SGA. SGA President Max Zoberman, Graduate Student Government Association (GSGA) President Jared Greenbaum and others on SGA’s executive council aggressively lobbied for [...]

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Transgender Rights Are Human Rights

In a disappointing move, President Trump reversed Obama-era federal protections allowing transgender students to use bathrooms corresponding with their gender identity.   This development was unsurprising but disheartening. By allowing states to deny transgender students access to public spaces, the government is limiting students’ ability to fully express their gender identity. This is an explicit [...]

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