Tanika Deuskar

Tanika Deuskar (22C) is from Bangalore, India. She intends to double major in Biology and Creative Writing. She loves jogging, listening to podcasts, and eating spicy food.

Clubs Adapt to Long-Term Remote Programming Ahead of Spring Semester

Since the beginning of fall semester, clubs have been finding ways to make the most of events they are able to host despite the limitations posed by virtual programming, at times being forced to move away entirely from their traditional events. Although the University slowly began allowing in-person events on Oct. 5 — with the [...]

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SGA Modifies Communication With Trustees, CC Considers Anti-Racism Fund

SGA Passes Bill Defining Communication With Board of Trustees The 54th legislature of the Student Government Association (SGA) passed a bill to change how members of the legislature are notified of communication with the University Board of Trustees. The bill modifies the SGA code so that if the Board of Trustees communicates with any member [...]

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The Reduced Student Activity Fee, Explained

Student Government Association (SGA) executive members are confident that clubs will not face a shortage of funds after it lowered the Student Activity Fee (SAF), which is used to fund undergraduate student organizations on campus, from $110 to $82 in August. SGA reduced the fee after the University decided to dramatically reduce housing capacity for [...]

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Student Government Association Cuts Activity Fee by 25%, Revises Fall Agenda

As a result of the University's reduced housing capacity, the SGA reduced the Student Activity Fee from $110 to $85./Gabriella Lewis, Assistant Multimedia Editor As the semester begins in a mostly online environment, Emory student government organizations attempt to promote community and maintain the student experience. The Wheel spoke with various leaders about their plans [...]

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