Tanika Deuskar

Tanika Deuskar (22C) is from Bangalore, India. She intends to double major in Biology and Creative Writing. She loves jogging, listening to podcasts, and eating spicy food.

The Reduced Student Activity Fee, Explained

Student Government Association (SGA) executive members are confident that clubs will not face a shortage of funds after it lowered the Student Activity Fee (SAF), which is used to fund undergraduate student organizations on campus, from $110 to $82 in August. SGA reduced the fee after the University decided to dramatically reduce housing capacity for [...]

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Student Government Association Cuts Activity Fee by 25%, Revises Fall Agenda

As a result of the University's reduced housing capacity, the SGA reduced the Student Activity Fee from $110 to $85./Gabriella Lewis, Assistant Multimedia Editor As the semester begins in a mostly online environment, Emory student government organizations attempt to promote community and maintain the student experience. The Wheel spoke with various leaders about their plans [...]

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COVID-19 Vaccine Tests at Emory Yield Promising Results

Phase 3 of the trial will begin on July 27 at Emory, involve testing the vaccine on around 30,000 participants and be a double-blind, placebo-controlled study./Ayushi Agarwal, Managing Editor The School of Medicine’s clinical trial for a COVID-19 vaccine provides encouraging evidence that the vaccine is safe and generates antibodies to neutralize the virus, according [...]

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International Students Shaken, Disappointed Over New ICE Guidelines

Under the updated visa guidelines, international students who do not return to campus for in-person instruction will risk losing their status./Anoushka Parameswar, Staff On July 6, international students learned they would lose their F-1 status if they fail to return to campus this fall, sending shockwaves and uncertainty throughout the community about how to navigate [...]

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Fall Study Abroad Students Left in Dark Over Housing

Residence Life and Housing Operations, Eleonore Raoul Hall. /Jason Oh. Following Emory’s cancellation of Fall 2020 study abroad programs on May 10, some students that were planning on studying abroad have struggled to secure on-campus housing, disappointed over the lack of guidance from the University.  “I have literally gotten zero guidance from Emory,” Isha Soni [...]

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