Sun Woo Park

Sun Woo Park (19Ox, 21C) is from Seoul, Korea majoring in Political Science and History. In his free time he plays Starcraft, reads history/fantasy books and eats an unhealthy amount of Ramen.

Abolish the Rigged Electoral College

While most other democracies elect their heads of state through a popular vote, the Electoral College makes American democracy distinct. The president of the United States is elected by a body of electors designed to advantage the votes of those from smaller states. However, some prominent politicians such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) believe the [...]

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Democrats Must Unite to Beat Republicans in 2020

When asked what the difference between Democrats and Republicans is, former President Bill Clinton said, “In every presidential election, Democrats want to fall in love. Republicans just fall in line.” And as the fog surrounding the 2019 primary clears, this distinction whispers doom for Democrats.   The Democratic Party has repeatedly failed to unite around [...]

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