Stephen Altobelli

Stephen Altobelli (22C) is from Westminster, MA, majoring in English. In his free time, Stephen enjoys Appreciating Art and playing with words. Stephen loves David Bowie, and firmly believes that Tilda Swinton should play Bowie in the inevitable biopic.

‘Pain and Glory’ Lives up to its Name

Courtesy of El Deseo & Sony Pictures Releasing International  “Pain and Glory” begins with Salvador Mallo (Antonio Banderas) suspended in a pool like a dead bug in a jar. He’s halfway in the grave already. In the starring role of the film, Banderas is excellent as Salvador, a Spanish director who lives in constant pain, [...]

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‘Ohio’ a Brutal, Beautiful Debut

Stephen Markley’s debut novel “Ohio” opens with a funeral parade and a flag blowing from a casket into a tree, becoming entangled among the high branches. It’s a stark, desolate opening that sets the tone for the book that follows: bleak, bleak and even bleaker. Set in the town of New Canaan, Ohio, the novel [...]

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U.S. Politics is Ruled by Rage

“Boofing” refers to the “art of keeping the bow of your kayak from diving underwater,” according to Like most salacious media debacles, Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation affair has left us with plenty of new terms in the modern political lexicon. “Boofing” and “Devil’s Triangle” — which were featured in Kavanaugh’s Senate testimony — will [...]

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Anonymous Op-ed Offers Bad Solution to Bad Situation

One of the few things that President Donald J. Trump’s supporters and critics agree on is that the man takes swings at political norms like a kid at a pinata. Pundits have pointed out that this erosion of norms began long before Trump, and that the American political system, especially the Republican party, has been [...]

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