Stephen Altobelli

Stephen Altobelli (22C) is an English major from Westminster, Massachusetts. He is a resident advisor for the Clairmont community, an advising fellow with Matriculate and an avid David Lynch fan. Contact Altobelli at [email protected]

Nathan Lee on Critique, Teaching and the Future of Theory

Nathan Lee (Joel Silverman). Nathan Lee is a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Film and Media. He has published film criticism in outlets including The New York Times, NPR and The Village Voice The Wheel sat down with Lee to discuss film and media criticism, critical theory, and their relation to former President [...]

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Reframing the Discourse Surrounding the Capitol Siege

Words matter. The media repeats this ad nauseam, especially regarding President Donald Trump, a man whose speech currently matters more than perhaps that of anyone else. Trump speaks the language of advertising, a famously untrustworthy medium in which everything is a superlative — the biggest or the smallest, the greatest or the worst. Trump’s deadly [...]

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Visualizing the South: Fear and Loathing in North Carolina

Ever since the 1915 release of “The Birth of a Nation,” movies have maintained a deep, complex relationship with the American South. Filmmakers have stereotyped, valorized, misrepresented and parodied one of the most complicated regions of the country. Their visions, although radically different in perspective, tend to be reductive. This column will explore the many [...]

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The Art That Mattered in 2020

In 2020, art provided both an escape from reality and a way to see it anew. The Wheel asked several Arts & Entertainment writers to reflect on the art they connected with this year and received a mix of responses — from timeless classics, to new discoveries, to long-awaited releases and stumbled-upon favorites.  Frank Sheeran [...]

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