Sophie Gern

Sophie Gern (24C) is from New York City, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Political Science. Outside of the Wheel, Gern is a part of Refugee Revive. In her free time she enjoys photography and exploring restaurants.

Your Guide to March Makeup Launches

With a new, hopeful season upon us, there comes a dewy and fresh few months of spring and soon, summer. But most importantly it means the launch of new beauty products. While makeup has been stored away and replaced with Zoom’s beauty filter, the warmer weather and increasingly vaccinated world calls for a dip back [...]

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5 Online Clothing Websites to Fuel Pandemic Shopping Addictions

With the closure of many clothing stores and limited capacity in those that remain open, online shopping has taken center stage. This, in combination with our tendency to fantasize about a COVID-free world where we are all style icons, has led to a phenomenon I like to call “online shopping for the future.” If you’re [...]

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The Untold Advantages of Becoming an Early Riser or Night Owl

One of the most intimidating aspects of college is time management. How does one organize their schedule perfectly? How do people get all their work done? How can I get a workout in? And is it even possible to see my loved ones?  Busy mornings or late afternoon class schedules often force a choice between [...]

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