Sophia Peyser

Sophia Peyser (she/her) (25C) is from Manhattan, New York, planning to major in English. Previously, Peyser was a columnist at her high school newspaper. Outside of the Wheel, she is a staff writer for Lithium Magazine, an online and print zine. In her free time, she enjoys going on walks, perfecting her coffee recipe, and reading the New York Times' Modern Love column.

Parole should be reinstalled to combat mass incarceration

(Pixabay/endamac) As part of its “tough on crime” initiative, the U.S. government abolished federal parole in 1987. As a result, prison turned from an institution of rehabilitation to a multibillion dollar industry that benefits from the free labor of incarcerated minorities. Since then, 16 states have eliminated parole, resulting in prison overpopulation, long sentences and [...]

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Hooters isn’t female empowerment. It’s exploitation.

Courtesy of Alison Barlow/Staff Illustrator Just four miles away from Emory’s main campus is a dystopia of female exploitation and french fries. Hooters is a magical paradox where burgers are served by hypersexualized waitresses in zero clothing, yet “kids eat free” nights happen regularly with readily available booster seats. Recently, the internet has been ablaze [...]

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Chabad is valuable, even for non-Jews

(Creative Commons / U.S. Embassy Jerusalem) “Are any of us actually Jewish?” my friend asked, putting down her wine glass and glancing around the table. Packed like sardines into Emory’s Chabad tent, all ten of us laughed, noting that only two of us had even a drop of Jewish blood.  Even then, my friend and [...]

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Emory is responsible for the COVID-19 outbreak on campus

(Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons) This semester feels like the premise of a really sick scientific experiment. What happens when 7,000 undergraduates are allowed to run amok during a pandemic? What if you don’t require testing for vaccinated students? Vaccines are required, except for people with health problems and “strong personal objections.”  The answer: the Emory [...]

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