Sophia Peyser

Sophia Peyser (she/her) (25C) is from Manhattan, New York, majoring in English and Creative Writing. Outside of the Wheel, she is a staff writer at an online magazine. Contact Peyser at [email protected]

Republicans will cost Atlanta much more than Music Midtown

Ally Hom/Emory Wheel This year, the sweltering, stressful fall semester will not be remedied by two days of drinking overpriced beer and dancing to one-hit wonders in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park. That’s right — Live Nation canceled Music Midtown.  “It’s the gun nuts,” my friend said in a text that arrived minutes after the cancellation was [...]

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Let’s talk about sex: Here’s how the Supreme Court wants to take away your bedroom rights

Emory Wheel/Chloe Yang Last week, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) took a horrifying stance against bodily autonomy. Millions of people across the county awoke to the abject reality of SCOTUS reversing half a century of progress. SCOTUS eliminated the constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy, overturning the precedent decision Roe v. Wade. [...]

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Verbalizing the intangible: remembering Joan Didion

(Openverse/Tradlands) In 2004, the late journalist and author Joan Didion wrote: “As I walked I kept my eyes on the window, half blinded by its brilliance but determined to keep my gaze fixed until I caught the moment in which the window as approached seems to explode with light, fill the entire field of vision [...]

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Parole should be reinstalled to combat mass incarceration

(Pixabay/endamac) As part of its “tough on crime” initiative, the U.S. government abolished federal parole in 1987. As a result, prison turned from an institution of rehabilitation to a multibillion dollar industry that benefits from the free labor of incarcerated minorities. Since then, 16 states have eliminated parole, resulting in prison overpopulation, long sentences and [...]

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