Sophia LiBrandi

Sophia LiBrandi (22C) is from Dayton, Ohio, majoring in creative writing and minoring in women's, gender and sexuality studies. Outside of the Wheel, LiBrandi enjoys poetry, theatre and wandering around art museums. She was recently accepted into the Praxis student leadership board through the Center for Women at Emory. Contact LiBrandi at [email protected]

Tall Heights Brings a Little Heaven to Hell

Sophia LiBrandi/Contributing Writer The room was dark and full, concert-goers vibrating with anticipation as the Boston-born band, Tall Heights, entered the “Hell” stage at The Masquerade on Tuesday, Jan. 22. Despite my unfamiliarity with the band, the performance was nothing short of transformative. The band’s on-stage friendship was immediately palpable. Duo Paul Wright and Tim [...]

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Boyfriend Brings Her Insightful Rap and Vintage Lingerie to Emory

Derrick Tran/Contributing Photographer A woman dressed in a sequin gown and gloves gracefully twirled around the stage. Then she removed a glove. Slowly and seductively, she stripped until she was in nothing but her thong and pasties, and, despite her vulnerability, she never lost her aura of elegance and power.  Boyfriend, the provocative, feminist cabaret [...]

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