Sonam Vashi

Sonam Vashi (15C) is a freelance journalist in Atlanta who’s written for CNN, The Washington Post, Atlanta magazine, and more.

Emory Must Revive Journalistic Curriculum

When I was a freshman at Emory, I fell in love. Before then, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life: I hated the idea of being in school for a long time, found too many subjects interesting to commit to one and — most importantly — wanted a job that wouldn’t [...]

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Emory Was Sweet, Bitter

“Bittersweet” doesn’t come close to explaining how I feel about leaving Emory. My time here had extreme highs and lows. I met lifelong friends, delved into new academic passions with Emory’s incredible faculty and staff (for free — thanks Courtesy), interned all over the city and overdosed on caffeine while managing a student coffee shop. [...]

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Evans to House Greeks, Sophomores

The Complex, which comprises Smith Hall, Hopkins Hall and Thomas Hall, will house first year students next Fall. Meanwhile, second year students will occupy Few Hall and Evans Hall in the coming school year. | Photo by Loli Lucaciu Sophomores and some members of Greek organizations will live in Few and Evans Halls, the Complex [...]

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Give Yourself Space From Campus

Little Five Points | Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons/ Pawel Loj With classes, meetings and extracurriculars, it can seem like we spend all our time on campus. That’s why it’s so important to give yourself some space from becoming overly-attached to the University: have a home off-campus. Yes, this can be difficult without a [...]

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Emory May Renovate, Demolish for New DUC

Dobbs University Center. Photo by Jason Oh/ Staff Still early in the process of renovating and replacing the Dobbs University Center (DUC), the University spent the past year directing a feasibility study, a document that represents stakeholder interests and helps inform future decisions, of the new center, according to Vice President for Campus Services Matthew [...]

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