Sofia Himmel

Sofia Himmel (23C) is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on a pre-BBA track. Outside of the Wheel, Himmel works on the Greek Council for Emory Hillel and virtually tutors elementary school students. After “trusting the process” for years, Himmel still wishes the Sixers offered Jimmy Butler the max salary slot.

Biggest Chokes in Atlanta Sports History

It’s no secret that Atlanta sports, both professionally and on the collegiate level, have struggled when it matters most. For instance, the Atlanta Hawks have not made the NBA Finals in 59 years. Other Atlanta sports teams, too, have struggled in the postseason, the most recent tragedy coming from the Atlanta Braves. The Wheel selected [...]

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Women in Sports Chip Away at Glass Ceiling

“This is a man’s world.”  When James Brown sang these famous lyrics in the song “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World,” he may have been realizing that he would be nothing without a woman, but it is no less pertinent to the domination of males in the sports’ world.  While fans rally around their favorite [...]

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Jimmy Butler: A Diamond in the Rough

As the Los Angeles Lakers claimed their 17th championship trophy on Oct. 11, the NBA Finals came to a close. The Lakers, led by point guard LeBron James, defeated the Miami Heat 4-2. The Heat were the underdogs and had impressive playoff success for a fifth-seeded team. While coming up short, the playoffs were the [...]

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In Election’s Homestretch, Stadiums Transform Into Voting Sites

With the 2020 presidential election less than a month away, the question of voter turnout is omnipresent. Public figures writ large have utilized their outreach to encourage voter participation — a key group being professional American sports leagues. Teams across almost every league are transforming their stadiums into election super centers in an effort to [...]

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Rap and Athletics: An Entanglement for the Stars

Over the last several years, the music industry has seen a dramatic rise in rap music. Not only has rap surpassed rock as the most consumed music genre in the U.S., but rappers have also played an increasingly important role in politics. Most notably, though, rap has become ingrained in professional sports.  Many teams across [...]

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