Seungeun Cho

Executive Editor | [email protected] Seungeun "Sage" Cho (20C) is Seoul-born and San Diego-raised, double majoring in comparative literature and East Asian studies. Cho previously served as the Wheel's Emory Life Editor and enjoys JRPGs, snowboarding, dreaming and literature.

A Very Good Boy Brings Very Good Vibes

Parth Mody/Photo Editor When Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Interim Training Director Colleen Duffy brought 11-month-old Phineas the dog (affectionately nicknamed Finn) into the DUC-ling as part of his training, more than a dozen students crowded around to pet him. Duffy greeted the students patiently. “This is Finn,” she said. As the students bent to [...]

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Rachel Kolb: Hearing a New Perspective

Courtesy of Rachel Kolb Spoken word can lack the precision and premeditation of written word, which is why Rachel Kolb (23G) balked when her alma mater Stanford University (Calif.) presented her with the opportunity to conduct a TEDxStanford Talk in 2013, the last semester of her master’s program. The talk would require Kolb, who was [...]

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John Wegner Discusses Impact of Technology on Student Life

Arranging an interview with John Wegner, a senior lecturer in the Department of Environmental Sciences, took longer than expected at almost two weeks — Wegner does not have internet in his home and only checks his email when he’s on campus. “We don’t have time to think about life,” Wegner said about the development of [...]

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Fall Fashion Tips: Casual is the new Cool

The East Coast caught an early blast of fall chill this year, giving budding streetwear stars the opportunity to dip their statement shoes in new seasonal styles. Cool weather ended mid-September at the same time as New York Fashion Week and started up again towards the end of September, just in time for Paris Fashion [...]

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Frustration with Trump Revealed in Focus Group by Emory

Increasingly critical views of President Donald J. Trump were on display Tuesday when a 12-person focus group convened in Pittsburgh for a session of “Conversations in America,” a series conducted by Emory in collaboration with NBC News and Wall Street Journal pollster Peter D. Hart. Tuesday’s group, led by Hart, consisted of five Trump voters, [...]

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