Sean Anderson

Sean Anderson (19Ox, 21B) is from Atlanta and is dual-concentrating in accounting and information systems and operations management at Goizueta Business School. In his free time, you’ll catch him jogging in Lullwater Preserve, photographing nature and reading about history.

Peaceful Protests Create Change. Riots Cause Pain.

As the U.S. self-immolates following George Floyd’s senseless death, some opinion writers have argued that violent rioting is not merely justified, but is also the sole remaining path forward. However, as much as Floyd’s horrifying murder vindicates the current rage, rioting and looting are wholly unproductive, with violent protests dramatically decreasing the chance of civil [...]

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Emory Must Implement Better Anti-Cheating Procedures for an Online Fall Semester

As a chaotic, partially online semester is finally over, Emory’s administration is now weighing the costs and benefits of continuing online instruction in the fall against concerns ranging from student and faculty health to students’ financial situations. However, administrators must incorporate a less-obvious, yet enormously consequential, issue into their decision-making process: cheating.  The virtual spring [...]

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China and WHO’s COVID-19 Negligence Warrants International Investigation

President Donald Trump’s April 14 decision to freeze U.S. funding for the World Health Organization (WHO) provoked widespread criticism even as his spars with China have been widely condemned. While Trump’s demeanor throughout the pandemic has been imprudent, his hawkish stance on China is not.  The WHO has betrayed its mission to safeguard international health [...]

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COVID-19 Is Our Generation’s Wake-Up Call

On March 11 at 9 p.m., I went for a walk. When I came back an hour later and read an email sent by the University stating that campus would close for the remainder of the Spring semester, I felt as though the trajectory of my college experience had irrevocably and fundamentally changed. As I [...]

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