Saru Garg

Saru Garg (22C) is from the suburbs of Chicago and is majoring in human health and film studies. She began writing for the Wheel to have an outlet where she could express her love for entertainment in all its forms, from screwball comedies to surrealism to sitcoms. Don't mention David Lynch or "Parks and Recreation" around her or she will talk for hours. She also enjoys baking, reading and listening to copious amounts of Mitski. Contact Garg at [email protected]

‘Dead to Me’ Season 2 Is Killer

There is no getting around it. Our world is in a pretty dire situation right now, as we grapple with a pandemic, police brutality and killer hornets. In times like these, movies and television showing people whose lives are in even more turmoil than ours can provide a weird sense of comfort. The second season [...]

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Oscar Nominations are Unexciting, Exclusionary

Courtesy of A24 Despite past controversies, the Academy’s nominations this year continue to reflect a disenchanting lack of diversity, especially within the acting categories.  Among the 19 performers nominated for an acting award, only one, Cynthia Erivo, is a person of color. Her nomination comes for her role as the titular character Harriet Tubman in [...]

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10 Films You Should Watch From 2019

  Courtesy of Neon “Parasite” Director Bong Joon-Ho’s latest film is, without a doubt, the best of 2019. Defying genre and audience expectations at every turn, “Parasite” is a wildly entertaining look at class disparities and social tension that crawls under viewers’ skin and lingers in their minds. The talented actors land every beat, and [...]

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Adam Sandler Shines in ‘Uncut Gems’

Courtesy of A24 Directors Josh and Benny Safdie’s newest film may have opened on Christmas day, but it is far from standard holiday fare. “Uncut Gems” is an anxiety-inducing thrill ride through New York City’s Diamond District. Much like the director duo’s previous film, “Good Time,” this neon-lit urban crime odyssey slams on the gas [...]

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‘Little Women’ Is Alive and Essential

Courtesy of Sony/Columbia *The following review contains spoilers to Greta Gerwig’s 2019 film, “Little Women.”  Women have stories that deserve to be told, and Greta Gerwig provides the perfect space to do so in her new film “Little Women,” based on the 150-year-old novel of the same name. Although Gerwig does not tell her own [...]

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