Author: Saru Garg

‘French Exit’ Is Not Worth the Entrance Fee

It’s often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but director Azazel Jacobs’ latest film “French Exit,” which opens in Atlanta on April 2, is the kind of rip-off that no director could possibly confuse for a compliment. Though it features the quirky, off-beat characters of a Wes Anderson film and the literary [...]

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Sundance Film Festival 2021: International Films Command Attention

With the exception of international hits like 2019’s “Parasite,” mainstream American audiences rarely pay attention to foreign language films. Despite the rich and varied perspectives international movies offer, American viewers are too often deterred by the “one-inch tall barrier of subtitles'' that Bong Joon-ho referenced in his Oscar acceptance speech. Film festivals, especially in their [...]

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Sundance Film Festival 2021: The Experience of a Lifetime

As an avid filmgoer and aspiring film journalist, I’ve always dreamed of attending the Sundance Film Festival. In the past, after factoring in being a full-time student, financial constraints and the festival’s location in Park City, Utah, the prospect of attending Sundance often felt more like a pipe dream than something achievable.  The virtual format [...]

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