Saru Garg

Saru Garg (22C) is from the suburbs of Chicago and is majoring in human health and film studies. She began writing for the Wheel to have an outlet where she could express her love for entertainment in all its forms, from screwball comedies to surrealism to sitcoms. Don't mention David Lynch or "Parks and Recreation" around her or she will talk for hours. She also enjoys baking, reading and listening to copious amounts of Mitski. Contact Garg at [email protected]

Year in Review: 2020’s Best Movies Contemplate Connection

There is no doubt that 2020 was a strange year for movies. With the shuttering of movie theaters nationwide, many studios delayed the release of their big-budget tentpoles, and streaming became ubiquitous. In the absence of theaters, watching movies went from a communal experience to a painfully solitary one. Still, these circumstances allowed a unique [...]

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‘Nomadland’ Is a Human Exploration of What It Means To Be Home

Early on in director Chloé Zhao’s latest film, an Amazon warehouse worker shows off her tattoos to the movie’s protagonist, Fern (Frances McDormand). Morrissey’s lyrics are inked all over her body, and she makes a point to read one of her favorites out loud: “Home, is it just a word? Or is it something you [...]

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Chicago International Film Festival Tackles Meaning and Mundanity of Life

We’ve all had to adapt to the “new normal” of life amid a pandemic, from virtual concerts to drive-through birthday parties, and film festivals are no exception. The Chicago International Film Festival, which ran from Oct. 14 to Oct. 25, was almost entirely virtual, giving The Wheel the unique opportunity to cover the festival. Though [...]

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Atlanta Film Festival 2020 Highlights Hardship, Resilience

The world has gone awry since the pandemic first began in early 2020, and major events have been canceled as a result, from the Met Gala to Coachella. For the most part, however, film festivals have adapted to complications arising from COVID-19, and this year’s Atlanta Film Festival, which ran from Sept. 17 to Sept. [...]

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#ATLFF20: ‘Milkwater’ Is a Pregnancy Drama That Delivers

Although independent cinema has boomed in popularity only in recent years, it has already adopted its own set of cliches such as a twee sensibility and a focus on 20-something hipsters coming of age. Though director Morgan Ingari’s debut film “Milkwater” is not immune to these cliches, it still finds a way to tell a [...]

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