Sara Perez

Sara Perez (24C) is from Managua, Nicaragua, possibly majoring in political science and mathematics. Outside of the Wheel, she is involved in 4 Justice and Emory’s debate team. You can also catch her drinking insane amounts of coffee and rewatching the same shows for the nth time.

America’s Cataclysmic Interventionism Must End

The capitol riot. (Emory Wheel/ Mia Usman) Following the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, all I saw highlighted on social media was “this is not America.” World leaders and politicians sympathized with the U.S. and condemned the fatal storming of the U.S. Capitol. Perhaps unsurprisingly, though, this was not the first attempted coup by a [...]

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Latin America’s Femicide Crisis Demands Attention 

On Jan. 1, in post-new year fashion, I was scrolling through a Facebook feed inundated with resolution posts until I came across an article from a Nicaraguan news outlet that reported the first femicide in 2021 had already occurred in the country that morning. Her name was Damaris Torres. Unfortunately, Torres’ killing is an all-too-common [...]

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It’s Time to Talk About Climate Inequality

As Central America reels from the detrimental impacts of the pandemic, two hurricanes, Eta and Iota, wreaked havoc in the region in the span of two weeks. The two storms predominantly affected Indigenous communities and people of color, who were already suffering from an economic downward spiral and lack of resources due to COVID-19. Now, [...]

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Key Takeaways from the Final Presidential Debate: Trump Has No Plan

When President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden met for the final 2020 presidential election debate on Oct. 22, their discussion was surprisingly civil, thanks to moderator Kristen Welker. One thing, however, became abundantly clear: Trump revealed to America that he has no plan to govern, and we should punish him for it [...]

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