Sara Khan

Sara Khan (23C) is from Fairfax, Virginia, double majoring in neuroscience and behavioral biology and English. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching Netflix shows, playing sports and listening to music. Contact Khan at [email protected]

My journey in Islam and learning more about religion

(Hameddaeipic/Wikimedia Commons) Growing up, I distinctly remember that I rarely saw a face in my neighborhood that looked like mine. When Christmas came around every year, I would see beautiful trees adorned with unique ornaments from our neighbors’ windows. Large presents lined their floors, and iridescent lights glowed from within their living rooms.  Our house [...]

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‘Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain’ is a brilliant ode to navigating adulthood

Emma Chamberlain’s YouTube videos unequivocally shaped our generation’s teenage years. Whether that be through her hilarious stream of consciousness in her vlogs, her relatable hatred of the high school system or her seemingly unhealthy obsession with coffee, the now-20-year-old quickly rose to success on the video streaming site.  Since leaving high school and moving out [...]

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Omicron is an imminent threat. Let’s treat it that way.

(Pixbay/cromaconceptovisual) On Dec. 28, Emory University announced that the first three weeks of the semester will be online and encouraged students to delay their return to campus after this remote period. This came as no surprise, as institutions like Harvard University (Mass.), Columbia University (N.Y.), Duke University (N.C.) and Georgetown University (D.C.), had published similar [...]

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We Must Prepare Ourselves for Post-Pandemic Life

(Creative Commons/wuestenigel) As 46 states open up their vaccination processes to all individuals above the ages of 16 or 18, Americans are preparing for a summer of greater  immunity and looser restrictions. A pandemic-free life is on the horizon. A recent Axios-Ipsos poll found that during the first week of March, 44% of Americans reported [...]

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Vaccinated? Great, Still Wear a Mask

Since last March, the U.S. has struggled to get Americans to take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously. The slew of public health misinformation from former President Donald Trump has convinced many Americans that the virus is no more serious than an annual flu outbreak, causing only mild, manageable symptoms. Americans cling to misleading COVID-19 survival rate [...]

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