A Word Figuratively Spread Too Thin

The word "literally" has literally died of overuse. By this, I do mean figuratively died — an equalization made possible by the realization that the former is now an accepted substitute for the latter. Reflecting the vernacular of the time, many dictionaries now recognize "literally" as nothing more than an emphasizer. It can be interpreted word-for-word or taken [...]

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Prediction of 2015 Inaccurate, But Telling

If the date Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015 sounds familiar to you, it might be because it was just last week. Or perhaps you are remembering that as the “future” destination set and briefly navigated in Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future Part II. Viewers will remember Zemeckis’ 2015 as a colorful one, both figuratively and [...]

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Language and Gender Expression Must Be Reconciled

I like to think of myself as a progressive individual; I watch Rachel Maddow and Bill Maher.  I vote Democrat, and I try to keep an open mind. But it’s been pointed out to me rather often that I can be quite “old-fashioned,” a euphemism for ignorant, especially with regard to recent breakthroughs in nontraditional [...]

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We Need ‘Star Trek’ Back On TV

Photo Courtesy of Leonard Nimoy Official Twitter Several weeks ago on Feb. 27 we lost Leonard Nimoy, best known for his role as Spock of the “Star Trek" franchise. Nimoy had a complex relationship with his iconic character. In 1975, he published the book I Am Not Spock and then later retracted said statement as his relationship [...]

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DC Comics Long Past Prime, Difficult to Follow

Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons DC Comics is ending its bold “The New 52” lineup, at least in name, after the multi-franchise crossover event the “Convergence” is over. The name is gone, but the already problematic 52-dimension multiverse will stay ... for now. And if you’re at all surprised, you clearly haven’t been paying [...]

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