Author: Ryan Fan

Ray’s Supervisor Shares Slice of Life

His skin is like a marble table. Darker spots and streaks cover his forearms: some thin, some thick and some going as high as his biceps. There are eight on his left and 15 on his right. All are burn marks from being a little...

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Custodian Alford Brings Life To Sacred Space

  The Cannon Chapel will soon have to find a new keeper of the cross. When custodian Gerald Alford isn’t around, moving the Cannon Chapel’s 10-foot-tall cross takes two people or more. The staff almost exclusively reserves...

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The End of Kaldi’s Fascist Expansion

The Depot by Kaldi’s Coffee has reached its Stalingrad moment at the peak of its fascist expansion. Kaldi’s failed its health inspection by the DeKalb County Board of Health on March 15, receiving 60 points out of 100; the...

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Emory’s Workaholic Culture is Toxic

Emory is a place of diverse faiths and tradition, but work idolatry seems to dominate the student body. Students are obsessed with prioritizing academics, internships, work and athletics — sometimes at the expense of mental...

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Ma’s Mistakes Don’t Warrant Impeachment

This op-ed was written as part of a two-sided debate series. The opposing argument can be found here.  Power-Hungry. Incompetent. Erratic. This was how the Wheel Editorial Board, a board I am part of, described Student...

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