Robert Schmad

Robert Schmad (23C) is from Kennewick, Washington, majoring in political science. He is affiliated with the College Republicans and occasionally streams on Twitch.

Let’s Embrace Hypocrisy in Politics

Electoral politics is concerned primarily with securing power. In the moment, you say what you need to get what you want and, if it becomes advantageous, you backpedal. There is no room for principle or integrity in the realm of politics: you either seize opportunities when they present themselves or suffer a comparative disadvantage at [...]

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In Defense of American History

American society is in open revolt against its own strength. We unjustly admonish our ancestors, discarding their achievements by assessing character flaws ex post facto. Those who have accomplished comparatively very little, despite having access to the greatest supply of information and material wealth in human history, deride the great Americans who worked to produce [...]

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America Was Always Great

The idea that America ought to be made great again is oftentimes challenged by the assertion that America has never been great. While this stance could hold if the tenants of our modern moral paradigm are applied to the past, we must understand that doing so would be erroneous. Greatness is an exercise in relativity, [...]

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How the Republican Party Can Revive Itself

Texas, Arizona and our very own Georgia have cemented themselves in the American collective consciousness as conservative strongholds. However, due to an array of demographic shifts, that reputation is poised to change, and if the Republican Party wishes to survive this societal transition, it will need to alter its policy goals. Instead of doubling down [...]

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