Robert Fuhriman

Robert Fuhriman (22C) is from Berkeley, California, and is majoring in history and art history. His interests include architecture, visual arts and drinking Yerba Mate. Fuhriman is also interested in making abstract artistic ideas accessible to more people. Contact Fuhriman at [email protected]

‘Blue Banisters’: Another textbook Lana album

Lana Del Rey’s newest album “Blue Banisters,” released Oct. 22, comes fresh on the heels of her March release “Chemtrails Over the Country Club.” Perhaps that is why the album feels so rushed and unpolished.  On “Banisters,” Del Rey leans into a more relaxed, raw vocal style than much of her earlier work, as if [...]

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High Museum’s ‘Underexposed’ Exhibition Kindly Asks Viewers to Resist Stereotypes

Identity is paramount in the High Museum’s latest exhibition, “Underexposed: Women Photographers from the Collection.” The show’s conception attempts to correct a historic imbalance by honoring the underappreciated contributions of women and the intersectional challenges experienced by women of color. The museum labels do an exemplary job of this, constructing a historical narrative of women [...]

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Acclaimed ‘The Visitors’ On View at High Museum

Ragnar Kjartansson’s “The Visitors,” which is on view at the High Museum of Art through May 9, manipulates the viewer’s understanding of time and space. Haunted by echoes of the spiraling lyric, “Once again, I fall into my feminine ways,” the words in this 64-minute experience begin to lose meaning, but the emotion behind them [...]

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Atlanta Contemporary Opening is Absorbing but Incoherent

A thick layering of plaster and paper mache coats a sprawling amebic form titled “Island with Two Lava Pits and Water Table” in the promotional material for the Atlanta Contemporary 2021 Biennial show, “Of Care and Destruction,” on display through Aug. 1. Landscape greens and soft pinks are applied in thick textured smudges. They carry [...]

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‘Be Willing to See’: Joel Silverman Explains Key to His Craft

“Talking to Joel is like walking into a huge 19th-century mansion,” Associate Professor of Film and Media Jason Francisco noted during his introduction of Film and Media Instructor Joel Silverman. “You keep discovering there are more and more rooms there.” Silverman spoke to an intimate zoom group composed of Emory students, close friends and his [...]

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