Rhett Hipp

Rhett Hipp (22C) is from Winter Park, Florida, majoring in film and media studies, creative writing and Japanese language and culture. Along with writing for the Wheel, Hipp is the current vice president of Emory’s Japanese Cultural Club. He reviews films, games and anime. Contact Hipp at [email protected]

‘Liz and the Blue Bird’ Treats Viewers to Beautiful Composition

There is a subtle beauty in the way cinema can use motion to define emotion. The trepidation of the slightest half-step backward, the looseness of a friendly wave, the brief moment of hesitation to lean your head on a close friend’s shoulder — the tiniest of movements on-screen speak volumes to the character work by [...]

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‘Mid90s’ a Down-to-Earth Skater Dramedy

Courtesy of A24 While other films about the ‘90s might be nostalgia-fueled trips full of punk-rock, popular TV and classic video games, “Mid90s” doesn’t shy away from the characteristics of the decade that are often lost among “the good old days.” The film, a promising screenwriting and directorial debut for Jonah Hill, finds a humble [...]

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In ‘Old Man,’ Redford Goes Out With a Smile, Not a Bang

Courtesy of Eric Zachanowich A “feel-good movie” doesn’t seem like the right way to describe “The Old Man and the Gun.” While it does gleam with charm, the film feels less like a relentless attempt to make the audience feel warm and fuzzy as “feel-good” pictures often do, and more like a heartfelt reflection on [...]

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