Rhett Hipp

Rhett Hipp (22C) is from Winter Park, Florida, majoring in film and media studies, creative writing and Japanese language and culture. Along with writing for the Wheel, Hipp is the current vice president of Emory’s Japanese Cultural Club. He reviews films, games and anime. Contact Hipp at [email protected]

A&E Staff Picks of the Favorite Films of the 2010s

As the 2010s come to a close and we humble Arts & Entertainment writers gawk at Pitchfork’s “best of” lists, we thought it useful to compile our own list of the best art of the decade. Here are our top film choices of the 2010s.  Courtesy of A24 Adesola Thomas: “Lady Bird”  I cannot warble [...]

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Doctor Sleep’ Is More Like a Bad Dream

Courtesy of Warner Brothers While many icons of horror cinema history have been sequeled to death, Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” has gone untouched for nearly 40 years. But that comes to an end with the new Warner Bros. film “Doctor Sleep.” The film hardly feels like a proper follow-up and barely qualifies as a horror [...]

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‘Jojo Rabbit’ Feels a Little Too Soft

Courtesy of IMDB Last week, writer and director Taika Waititi's bold new film "Jojo Rabbit" took a trip to Emory’s campus for a special early screening. Itching to get an early look at the World War II Nazi satire, students and faculty crowded the White Hall theater. Although the Emory audience met Waititi’s playful style [...]

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‘The Lighthouse’s’ 2 Stars Shine Bright

Courtesy of A24 From the first sequence — a slow, foreboding arrival at an isolated island — of director Robert Eggers’ 2019 psychological thriller “The Lighthouse,” the audience is instantly enveloped in the salty air of suspense. The beginning of “The Lighthouse” intrigues viewers with its visuals of the foggy sea, its ambient sound and [...]

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