Rhett Hipp

Rhett Hipp (22C) is from Winter Park, Florida, majoring in film and media studies, creative writing and Japanese language and culture. Along with writing for the Wheel, Hipp is the current vice president of Emory’s Japanese Cultural Club. He reviews films, games and anime. Contact Hipp at [email protected]

‘All Light, Everywhere’: An Odd Mix of Conflicting Interests

Films about films or the process, nature and culture of their creation are part of a storied tradition, from classics like “Rear Window” (1954) that muse on the voyeuristic nature of cinema to newer films like “Mulholland Drive” (2001) that critique Hollywood and the film business’ mistreatment of actresses. Baltimore filmmaker Theo Anthony’s documentary, “All [...]

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My Favorite Art During a Disaster Year

In 2020, art provided both an escape from reality and a way to see it anew. We asked several Arts & Entertainment writers to reflect on the art they connected with this year and received a mix of responses from old classics, new discoveries, long-awaited releases and stumbled-upon favorites. 1. All the movies I’ve been [...]

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Netflix Original ‘Mank’ Lacks Its Rosebud

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but sincerity and flattery do not always go hand in hand with artistry. When “Citizen Kane'' premiered in 1941, it readily showcased the inherent insincerities of narrators in storytelling and malleability of personal truths, and it was far from flattering to its allegorical subject, William [...]

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‘Kill It and Leave This Town’ Is a Grotesque Mess

As a critic, I usually feel capable of evaluating a film based on its strengths and weaknesses with limited subjective bias. The new Polish-animated film “Kill It and Leave This Town” might be the first time I have genuinely questioned my ability to adequately critique a film and what my role even entails. This film [...]

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